Ardunio Duemilanove uses Atmega328P

The Ardunio Duemilanove uses Atmega328P.  The first thing i did was nuke the thing. Second thing i did was download Mprog from FTDI. This allows us to change the ID’s of the FTDI chip.  By doing so we can emulate all kinds of other devices that use the chip with a special ID to hide the  real nature.  It’s also good for testing your code that sniffs out the USB ID’s etc.  Since the Ardunio has an AVR, a FTDI chip,  power regulator, and .1″ headers. It’s a nifty emulation platform. (Which is why i bought it!)

In the picture above i am testing a Noritake VFD Screen. I had ported an existing LCD driver, using the Arduino allowed me to test the driver with no  end platform. My only complaint about the Ardunio is the boot loader(roll your own), but that’s an easy fix aint it?


3 Responses to “Ardunio Duemilanove uses Atmega328P”

  1. Alfred Ullasmann Says:

    Hi thre.

  2. Alfred Ullasmann Says:

    Hi there. Good to have come across your Blog and to see that the Avr chips are being widely used in consumer goods. An Avr is also used in this Ericsson mobile phone here …

    All the best from downtown Mannheim, Germany and please keep up the good work.

    Alfred Ullasmann.

    Ps. Do you have more infos to share about the Honeywell device?

  3. iteration69 Says:

    I have a great deal of information on the Honeywell thermostats. I’ve developed an open thermostat for use in a distributed system. The code base lacks relay functions but that could be easily added.

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