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HS-CMP163 Video multiplexor uses ATmega128

March 2, 2010

I was not expecting to find an AVR inside this beast. In fact, i was not expecting to find anything useful.

Check out that PCB layout! It’s not every day that i find a nice .1″ mod-friendly foot print on a board. This mux has a dedicated MPEG path complete with SAA7113H video processors.


Sirius Satellite Radio (QT-02) uses ATmega32L

March 2, 2010

Sirius Satellite Radio (QT-02) uses ATmega32L. This is an older model, dating somewhere around 2004. The data code on the avr is 0316. I’m told the LCD screen also uses a mega. Currently this is all i have access to and I don’t know the model number of the radio. If i get any more information I’ll update this post.